Paul, through his work with Magic Torch Comics, works with schools and community groups to tell stories using comics. He believes comics are an excellent way to promote literacy, creative thinking and reading for enjoyment.

After running our initial open day workshop, the Splash Panel started on 26/10, we have run 4 sessions to date. The group has 10 participants, demand was high for the sessions and there is a waiting list. The first four sessions have concentrated on exploring how comics tell stories and developing a story and scripting a comic which will be illustrated by one of our artists. The group have also been creating their own characters and stories, the project has provided everyone with a sketchpad and art pencils, and everyone sketches from the moment they arrive. We have all agreed that no pages are torn out of the sketch pads so that we can see our progress. We have just introduced the group to digital art, with participants using the drawing tablet to sketch and colour their characters. It’s been a great group to work with, and the venue has ensured a really relaxed and informal atmosphere which has encouraged creativity and experimentation” – Paul Bristow.